Friday, 5 November 2010

Pirates (vs) by Richard Platt and Steve Stone

September 2010, Kingfisher
64 pages, Hardback 
Review copy

Non-fiction, Children's

Lots of facts about pirates throughout history, including info on clothes, weapons, fighting tactics

Summary from Pan MacMillan
What would happen if a dashing Barbary corsair fought one of the fearsome Viking raiders? Who would win and why? Who would be the ultimate fighting pirate? In VS – PIRATES, pirates meet and engage in deadly combat, in fierce hand-to-hand battles. Information on chosen weapons (such as cutlasses, grappling hooks and pistols), plus armour and tactics, gives further insight to each pirate’s strengths and character.

Nayuleska's thoughts
This book is awesome! It reminds me a little of a video game, the ones where you fight other components for the sole purpose of defeating them in a ring set in a stunning location. I couldn't resist learning more about pirates, and I wasn't disappointed with this book. First there is a timeline of when the pirates lived, and also a map of where they sailed. Then there is a double page with head shots of the pirates facing each other (and they look as though they are growling). That double pages open up to a 4 page spread. One has all the details of the pirates - what they wore, what weapons they use, their fighting tactics, the food they'd eat, what they do for first aid and also general advice to prepare them for the fight. Then there is a larger, full body shot (again aimed at the other opponent). This includes a little health bar. On the next page the winner is announced and more details about their life is revealed. It was cool how the fights were set up, leading to an overall winner being announced. The reader then gets to choose who wins in different pairings, and there is an extensive glossary with words used. are pictures of the opponents, then you open up the page and learn more about them. It lists details of what they wear, how their weapons work, how they fought, 

Final conclusion
A must for all pirate fans! It's a good starting point if you want to use pirates in your writing too! 

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