Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Littlest Dinosaur and the Naughty Rock by Michael Foreman and Camilla Reid

June 2010, Bloomsbury 
32 pages, Paperback
Review copy 

Picture book, Children's

Family relationships, behaviour 

Summary from Bloomsbury 

The littlest dinosaur is in a bad mood. He sulks, shouts and throws his food on the ground. When he’s sent to the naughty rock, he gets a bit of a surprise and some very helpful advice on how to handle his sulkiness.
A perfect book that will ring a bell with every family who has wrestled with a toddler’s temper.

Nayuleska's thoughts
Not all rocks are rocks. This might sound like nonsense, but it isn't. How the little dinosaur reacts to being in a bad mood is normal for children. His family aren't impressed, and sends him off for a punishment. He isn't as lonely as he looks on the rock, for it isn't a rock at all. It is someone who is wise, who has lots of experience with younglings and one who The littlest dinosaur will listen to. Sometimes it isn't easy hearing something from a family member. Hearing it from a stranger helps to see things from a different point because the stranger is distanced from the issue. I loved the pastel effect of the illustrations. They are bright and cheery and welcoming to readers. Even when the littlest dinosaur was acting unreasonably, I smiled at how cute he looked. 

Final conclusion 
A story that helps children understand their own behaviour in a fun style, definitely one for the bookshelf. 

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Ladybug said...

This sounds like a great read for the little ones. I have one here who loves dinosaurs so this might be a good book for him. I'm a bit tired of reading from a dinosaur lexicon LOL (but he loves it so we just have to keep on reading it).

Nayuleska said...

There are more books in this series so hopefully you'll have a variety of dinosaur books to read.