Monday, 29 November 2010

Author Interview with Rook Hastings 2nd one

Due to Thanksgiving, the What Are You Reading Meme isn't happening this week, but instead I've got an interview with Rook Hastings, the wonderful writer of these two books

She sweetly agreed to answer 3 more questions for me (I got a bit carried away in my previous interview with her here and got asked to limit it to 3, which is fair enough).

1) Immortal Remains is an awful lot scarier than Nearly Departed: had you planned it this way, or did it just happen like this? 
I'm glad you think so! I think with book 2 I had the luxury of already establishing the characters and the storyline, so I could run with the fear factor to the max. I did manage to scare myself quite a lot....
2) A major new character in this book was Albert. I really liked having Albert as a character: he's quite different from the others, he has his own secrets to keep. Where did Albert's concept come from - why not keep him as closer to Jay and the others' age?
In all my writing I really enjoy an older character, a much older character especially - it gives the reader a whole new perspective - and it gives Woodsville a sense of history, and hints that the story that is unfolding there has been going on decades, at least. Albert is pivotal to the final installment of Weirdsville, he knows the secret that will change everything.
3) Talk about a cliffhanger ending! Had there been different endings to the story, or was this one the original one? Either way, it means book 3 will be very interesting. 
I always had this ending in mind, because I've always had book three in mind and the cliffhanger at the end of IMMORTAL REMAINS is crucial to the plot of the next book. I am really pleased with how it came together though, it was even better than I imagined it!

Thank you Rook for shedding some insight on Immortal Remains and book 3. Rook has her own Facebook page. Be sure to check out her books if you haven't already done so!

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