Sunday, 31 October 2010

National Non-Fiction (Day) Week begins!

This Thursday, 4th November, marks the first ever National Non-Fiction Day in England. For more info, check out 
 I was asked a month or so ago if I would be interested in helping spread the word about this day. As you can see, I said yes. 

Non-fiction books play more of a role in our lives that fiction books. They are the books we read when we were little, the ones teaching us about the world. They were the ones I poured over on my sister's bedroom floor (she had all the encyclopaedias), desperately looking for some information for my homework. In those days I didn't have the internet. If I wanted to know something, I went to every library that I had access to. My first assignment involving research was an article on the woolly mammoth. I'm not sure why that memory stayed in my head. Maybe I recognised it was an important learning curb in my education. Maybe I just like elephants (I love Lumpy & Eeyore in Winnie-the-Pooh)

As I progressed to secondary school, non-fiction books became the norm. I used lots of them as text-books, and as reference materials for my GCSE's. A-levels were no different. I thought I read a lot then, but that was nothing compared to the amount I consumed during my degree. 

Non-fiction books aren't just for study. If you have a hobby or just want to learn some facts, you turn to non-fiction books for help. These days there is the internet, but it can be tricky to tell which site is genuine and full of facts (rather than facts posing as fiction). Non-fiction reference books generally are guaranteed to be factual. 

Non-fiction books aren't all thick volumes- some with the most interesting information are quite small. Neither are all non-fiction books reference books - some are fiction books! Truly, I am reviewing a true life story about two sisters, who because of their Jewish faith had to hide from the Nazi's in a convent during the second world war. 

All of this week I am reviewing non-fiction books. There will also be a few fiction books too, but I'm sure some of the non-fiction books will gain your interest. 

So, this week I encourage you all to look at a non-fiction book. They are well worth the time. 



Anonymous said...

We will be celebrating Non-Fiction day at our school

Nayuleska said...

That's brilliant! If you can stop by and tell us what you're getting up to.