Friday, 29 October 2010

Miss Bubble's Troubles by Malaika Rose Stanley, illustrated by Jan Smith

September 2010, Tamarind 
40 pages, Paperback 
Review copy 

Children's, picture book 7-9 years

Rhyming, school, friendship, talents, clever pets 

Miss Bubble is a super-cool teacher at Topley Primary School. The children in Rainbow Class have lots of fun with her. When Miss Bubble ends up in a spot of trouble, her parrot Shriek and her cat Milkshake try their best to help. But they need Rainbow Class to come to the rescue…

Nayuleska's thoughts
Primary school is a very special time for children. It's a time for making friends, playing a lot, running around and lots of laughter. I feel in some ways teachers can play more of a key role for children at primary school than other ages. It's not just learning how to read, write and solve maths problems. Teachers help guide children to keep active, to try lots of hobbies until they find something they are good act. Teachers pave the way for children to explore the world on their own when they are older. I remember most of my teachers being like Miss Bubble. She's the kind of teacher who makes school enjoyable, and not a chore. The children love her, and so do her pets. One day there's an accident, and it is her pets who alert the authorities of the problem. Only, the doctors can't seem to do much for her. So her class try and wake her up by performing tricks and putting on a play. Eventually it works, and everyone is happy again. 

The rhyming sentences will soon have children learning the words. The colours you see on the cover run throughout the book, making it a vibrant read. Half of the illustrations are in black and white - I found this a little odd, although most of the black and white illustrations are of when the accident happens, so could relate to the not so fun part of the story. I felt energetic just by looking at the pictures of the children doing so many different things. I'm proud to see one of Miss Bubble's pets was a cat - they are the best pets ever! As are birds (although I don't have a parrot - it would probably want to eat my two birds!). 

Final conclusion: 
A colourful story which shows how much children care about their teachers, and what an important role teachers play to children. 

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