Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Catch In Time by Dalia Roddy

April 2010, IPG (Medallion Press) 
551 pages, Paperback
Review copy 


Content: creepy children, moderate violence, moderate gore, infrequent moderate romance

In one moment a global blackout occurs, and six billion humans become unconscious. During a brief yet seemingly eternal three-minute sequence, a series of catastrophic events occurs, and minds collide with truths hidden beyond the physical realm. With the reawakening comes a drastically and horrifically altered world -- populations decimated and social order gutted. No one seems to remember the truth that has been revealed or that this discovery could destroy the human race -- except Laura. Though even she has no knowledge of why the post-blackout births are mutations or what is so wrong with some of the survivors.

Nayuleska's Thoughts:

Who wouldn't want to read this book based on that info? Before  opening up the book I wanted to know why people became unconscious. I wanted to know what was wrong with the people that Laura encounters. The answer? A lot. To say the people aren't themselves is an understatement. Not everyone is affected by the post blackout trauma, but those that are will haunt you for a while. Especially the creepy children. *shudders*. An evil force in any human is - well - evil, but in children? It seems wrong to have the worst offenders portrayed as children. I guess this is part of the horror element. Knowing as the reader who was evil, and who wasn't made reading the book more enjoyable - the characters didn't have a clue. My stomach did meet my throat several times throughout the book, but this didn't stop my fascination with the story and the religious nuts amongst the survivors. Even the good people all do something they aren't proud of in the book. But I feel this is life - no one is perfect. At least the horrors of this book remain in the book. For now...

Final Conclusion: Those who make it to the end of the book in tact are survivors in all sense of the word. 

Dalia Roddy has her own website here

I totally recommend Michael Grant's horror series that begins with Gone


Nina said...

Creepy! But I do like a good horror somethimes. ;) Nice review!

Nayuleska said...

thank you! It was creepy but I find I'm liking this kind of horror :)