Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Witch Baby and Me On Stage by Debi Gliori

July 2010, Corgi Children's
336 pages, Paperback
Review Copy

Children's, 7+ 
Lots of humour, magic and mayhem

It's a rainy spring-time, coming up to Witch Baby Daisy's second birthday. Her nursery class are putting on a musical performance, helped by the older children, including big sister Lily. 

Meanwhile Mum is trying to potty train Daisy, unaware that as soon as she succeeds, Daisy will be reclaimed by the witches who live on the hill, who've only been waiting for their little protegee to be out of nappies before they take her 'home'. Happily, Daisy is so rubbish at toilet training that Lily persuades Mum to drop the idea, and the day is saved! 

The concert is a great success, despite Daisy turning Lily's bagpipes into a spider, and the witches are distracted by spells for romance.

My thoughts:

Waywoof has puppies! The puppies make Lily look even more crazy because, like Waywoof, they are invisible to normal people. Just because they are invisible doesn't mean they can't cause a lot of trouble. The funny situations they put Lily through are nothing compared to the havoc Daisy causes. Lily was trouble enough just when she could handle one spell on her own. Now, she is growing up and is confident to hold more spells at once. I love how Daisy knows her own mind and her own family very well. Her abilities as a witch baby have the three witches wanting to have her in their house pronto. Lily might dislike it at the time, but she is the best eldest sister a witch baby could have. Even if Daisy causes chaos at school on account of not liking certain things. People are willing to overlook strange occurrences when the only explanation is one they aren't fond of.  I'm eager for more witch baby stories, and would like one day to see witch baby go to her true home. 

Final Conclusion: 

A hilarious read about what happens as a witch baby grows up in a human household, and her witch guardians want her back. 

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