Monday, 30 August 2010

The Violet Keystone by Garth Nix

5th August 2010, Harper Collins Children's Books
272 pages, Paperback
Review Copy

Children's, 9+, adventure

Frequent mild to moderate peril. Humour. Lots of drama.

The sixth and final adventure in the thrilling fantasy series from award-winning author Garth Nix.

Tal and Milla are only one step away from death, while the evil that has controlled their world for so long is about to triumph. If the Veil is lifted, nothing can save the Dark World. Their one glimmer of hope is to confront the monster Sharrakor and regain the Violet keystone. But first they must climb up to the highest levels and find their way into the Seventh Tower…

Nayuleska's Thoughts:

Leaving readings literally hanging onto the edge of the page is one way to finish a book. Thankfully I hadn't read the series beforehands, so the transition from book five to this one was easy for me. I do feel sorry for readers who had to wait to learn about Tal and Milla's fate. However, I think they may agree that it was worth the wait.

The chaos that entered Tal's own world: both the outer and inner chaos was pretty phenomenal. There wasn't really time to breath from page to page (on occasion Tal and Milla couldn't draw breath). And yet through the chaos there was order. Tal and Milla knew (some of the time) what they needed to do. They drew on the strength of their tenuous friendship, the friendships and working relations they had with their companions to keep striving, even though death faced them down at every corner. I felt a sense of relief as they entered the seventh tower, although also a big sense of apprehension. For what seems to be the final battle isn't all that it does seem. 

It was hard to watch Milla being unable to react because of what happened in book 5. I think it taught her patience and humility, which I feel helped her in the final battle. As for Tal, he has changed so much. He sees the bigger picture, and isn't as selfish as he was. He is able to step back a little and make tough decisions at the right moments.

Final Conclusion: Edge of the seat read full of action, sorrow and reflection. I'm eager to see what the next book from Garth Nix will be!

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