Saturday, 31 July 2010

Winners of Ruth Newman's The Company of Shadows

It is past midnight. It might be daylight, but I've had a few shivers reading about your shadow experiences.

I can declare the three winners, who will receive a copy of the above book..

Congratulations go to...
whose shadow story is this: Well, I get scared with pretty much every shadow after seeing a scary movie...I remember that when I watched Dragonfly with Kevin Costner I got so scared with a scene where the lights go out and he goes around the house to fix it and there's a storm outside, so his house is filled with spooky shadows...I was holding my breath the entire time and my heart was beating like crazy, because my own house was under a crazy storm, and everywhere I looked the shadows just spooked the hell out of me, I don't think I moved from my sit until the movie was over *.*

whose shadow story is this: I was by myself making coffee and saw a shadow come up to me...and my heart jumped and raced like crazy cause I knew I was alone........or was I.

whose shadow story is this: When I was little I got really scared after watching a scary movie. When I went to bed there was this big shadow on my wall that really looked liked the creatures in the movie. I couldn't sleep for weeks until my mom finally figured out what was making the shadow. I can't remember what it was though :P

I'm sending your details onto the lovely people at Simon and Schuster today, so they'll be in contact with you to arrange shipment of the book.

For those who didn't win, I loved reading your shadow experiences. Make sure you check out the other competitions (see the side bar for details), for more opportunities to win books here on NRC.


dor said...

Yahoo. I got your email and returned my address. Thanks. Wish I could subscribe by email. wink

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Congrats to all the other winners.

Nayuleska said...

We're in the process of sorting out subscription by email. It might be up in a week or so. I will make a post when it is available.

Sharli said...

Thank you!! I already answered the email :D
Congrats to dor and jen as well!