Monday, 12 July 2010

Twisted Wing by Ruth Newman

February 2010, Simon and Schuster
384 pages, Paperback
Review copy


Cushions: 3
Daggers: 4 (murder, language, content)
Paperclips: 1
Tissues: 1
Nayuleska's recommended rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Summary from Simon and Schuster

The claustrophobic environment of Ariel College, Cambridge, has become the hunting ground of a serial killer. For the students, a siege mentality has developed following weeks of media interest in the 'Cambridge Butcher'. College life has become not about surviving their exams, but surviving full stop.
Forensic psychiatrist Matthew Denison is sure that his traumatised patient, student Olivia Coscadden, has the killer's identity locked up in her memory. That within the little clique she belonged to lurks someone with a grudge. Someone who thought 'what's a little decapitation between friends?' And that someone is just getting started.
But in order to get to the truth, Denison must delve into the secrets hidden within Olivia's subconscious. Secrets that are about to take him to some very dark places indeed.

I'm a little fussy which crime books I read, but this one caught my eye because of its university setting. As a graduate, it seems pretty scary to think that a murder would take place on campus. I think that I feel like I can relate more to the characters because I've lived a similar life to them. It shows that Ruth works at Cambridge University, I think her in depth knowledge helps bring the story to life.

I was quite spooked out by Twisted Wing. I was very glad I'm not a uni student now, I would have been quite freaked out. Matthew as a character has a tough job. Olivia won't speak to anyone. But slowly over time she begins to trust him. At certain points in the story I felt sorry for Olivia. She had a severe trauma - I'm not surprised she clammed up to everyone. But, like everyone she isn't perfect. There are areas of life that Matthew finds out about, not all in one session, areas which I feel freak him out a little bit too. The story proves that people aren't always who they appear to be. There are also people whose nature is scarier than the thought of a murderer on the run.

The pacing of the book kept me turning the page, eager to find out a bit more about the mystery. I liked how every now and then the story would switch to Olivia's point of view, which was in a different font style to Matthew's point of view. This gives the reader a wider picture of events - although there are a fair few twists to the plot kept until the end. I also found the newspaper style articles detailing the investigation at the beginning of some of the chapters enjoyable. They made me feel as though I was there, following Matthew's investigation.

If you're like me and get a little freaked out easily, don't read this at night, or on a dull day when no one is around. If you aren't like me, then stay up late on a stormy night and read it.

Ruth Newman can be found on her blog. And her next book, The Company of Shadows has just been released!

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Blueicegal ♥ said...

holy sheez sounds creepy!! i like hheheehe great review chick :)

Book Monster said...

I love the cover/bio, so I might give this one a try. Great Review XD

Nayuleska said...

Heehee :) There's going to be a competition to win a copy of the next book!