Wednesday, 21 July 2010

One of those days.

Reviews will be back on track tomorrow. I've had a netless day (was away from home), then this afternoon had a few little hiccups with technology.

This is partially why even if/when e-readers become the norm, I will always need books made from paper. It's harder to lose them. There is no software in them that can go wrong, or play up. They won't refuse to load. They are there. All I have to do is open the pages.


Beth Overmyer said...

*facepalm* I am such a dope. When I'm looking for book recommendations, I never think that I follow a book reviewer.

*head-->desk* I am hopeless.

Anyway, I still need to read Elizabeth Peters, like you suggested, and the guy who wrote Past World, was it?

I'm with you on hardcopy books. *hugs her books* I shall not part from thee!

Nayuleska said...

Yup. I am a book reviewer!