Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday News #2

Wow, is it Friday again already? The week has gone by so fast! Yes, I was absent for a few days on the blog. But I'm back now.

  • Blog issues: This morning my lovely friend who helped set up the new look has confirmed the YA link tab is now fixed! It is now set alongside the other tabs, and will/should send you to the YA books. Yay! I like it when things work. 
  • Competition news: I'm posting up competitions today - got a few lined up, including international ones. As soon as I reach 100 followers, I'll put up another competition. 
  • Reviews: they are coming along. I've made the decision that until I'm up to date (it happens occasionally) a lot of the unrequested books will get mini reviews. That way they still get a mention. I do read them all! I only skip reading a book if I can't get into it (as in I don't like the style, rather than I can't open the book). 
That's it for this week, hope you're enjoying whatever you are reading :) 

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