Friday, 11 June 2010

Road Closed by Leigh Russell

Date published June 2010
Publisher No Exit Press
Page numbers 352
Type of book Paperback 
Copy type Review copy

Crime Thriller

Cushions = 4 
Daggers = 4 (We are at some murders and there is no-murder related violence as well)

Gerry's recommended rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

When a man dies in a gas explosion, the police suspect arson. The Murder Investigation Team are called in to investigate.
The case takes on a new and terrible twist when a local villain is viciously attacked. As the police enquiries lead from the expensive Harchester Hill estate to the local brothel, a witness dies in a hit-and-run. Was it coincidence - or cold-blooded murder?
The Murder Investigation Team has problems of its own – and so does Geraldine Steel. A shocking revelation threatens her peace of mind as the investigation races towards its dramatic climax. (Taken from:

The second of the Geraldine Steel novels sees Geraldine embroiled in another murder case that sees the body count rise quite fast while Geraldine is still struggling with a private life that weighs her down.

Another novel by Leigh Russell that I couldn't put down. Once again we know the murderer from the start - or do we? Things are not so cut and dried for the reader this time and the plot and action is fast moving and the murderer we meet is an even more, though totally credible, nasty individual. There is violence in the book but the extent is very low and while there is psychological tension it is not so tense that you get stressed by it.

Geraldine's private life moves on and she receives a complete shock that threatens to derail her totally however she's tries to not let it affect her handling of the case.

Once again the other characters we meet are also credible and people we probably know as they get caught in the destructive web that the murderer creates.

This book can be read without reading 'Cut Short' and it could be read out of order but don't if you can avoid it. Try to follow Geraldine's career and story chronologically as you will enjoy it more.

I recommend this to all murder mystery readers and it will improve your holiday by packing a copy.

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Clarissa Draper said...

I've just ordered her first book and can't wait to read both. Thank you for the review. I feel better for buying them.


CarlyB said...

Ooh fab review - this one looks great!x

Anonymous said...

Like the cover here, looks very creepy.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book.