Monday, 24 May 2010

What are you reading? #19

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by J. Kaye at J. Kaye's Book blog where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.

Books I've finished

(Confession...I didn't get round to reading it last week...and um didn't update last week's meme.  Sorry! Nayu adds extra comment: it's not even finished this weekend! Will hopefully get finished this week)

(Full of phobias. Compelling read...even if half the story was predictable.)

Children's Fiction
(Japanese demons on the loose, run/hide Miku!)

Children's Fiction
(Hilarious! Glad my family isn't like Tassie's...)

Realistic Fiction (Tissues needed)

(Vampires...quite a famous series.  No, I haven't seen the films. Yes, I now have the rest of the series!)

Books I hope to read this week

(Loved Fallen - and have a special ARC of Torment...not that I can review it or mention what happens yet, but I can read it! Nayu adds: I'm reading these today! (Sat 22nd))

Children's Fiction (looks full of action)

Children's Fiction (I love this series!)

Children's Fiction (Love this series too!)

Fiction (Been wanting to read this for aaaggggeesss)

YA (Well, I've read Need, now I need (no pun intended!) to read Captivate) 

Although I am expecting a book or two in the post which need prompt reading, so who knows what I'll actually read this week!

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