Saturday, 15 May 2010

Book bloggers in a bookshop = great fun! Post #1

This will be a semi quick post. There will be an updated post, with relevant links. I met up with some UK YA book bloggers in London. I believe there are some posts with pictures in the pipeline, which I'll link to at a later date.

Poor Waterstones didn't know what hit them when we kept rearranging tables to fit everyone round the same area. Or when someone would hold up a book and there were several excited 'You must read this!'. I think we made up for the chaos left in our wake by buying lots of coffee, food, and a lot of books. I possibly bought the most. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

So its not my fault I was there I browsed first. I saw a few books, and since they were the only ones on the shelf I had to pick them up! They included....

Started reading it, fantastic! In similar vein (but quite different to) Princess For Hire by Lindsey Leavitt

Sequel to Princess Plot. Needless to say I didn't start this one!

Having loved his Uglies series, had to try this. Might have picked up 2nd book. Can't find it yet...hoping its in my room and not left behind! Or I might not have picked it up :p 

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz (with the slightly gruesome cover -bite marks are gross and yes I'm covering them up! (might get stickers over them (shock so it doesn't matter if I haven't turned the book over). Sounds like an awesome series, but as yet don't know if I like them, so wasn't about to buy the whole series. That might happen at a later date.

Now, I like the colouring, but wasn't fond of the cover picture. However, I'd heard very good things about this series, so I picked up book one...

...and then book two (whose cover is cool! (Clothes are good things, ok?) .....

After several hours of talking, I headed back upstairs. I was on a mission. I was determined to buy (and I did) 

This, since I loved Evermore. 

Then, since I do like the first one, yes I have gone and bought the rest in the series! 

Number 3

And number 4 (didn't buy host - didn't make it to the adult fiction) So do my lover Meme Reader, I need no persuasion now. I may be spending all of tomorrow reading this series (yes, it might be possible to read them all. As yet uncertain (they are medium thick books). It will be attempted. 

....saw book 3 of this series so had to pick it up to complete the other two. (See? Clothes = much better)

A very good day! And I also got this through the post (in time for me to read and review for this week's post over at Enduring Romance. 

I resisted buying a lot of other books. Didn't have enough hands. And already spent 2 months worth of dvd buying so couldn't justify any more. (yes, there are times when I don't buy anime. Might have to alternate buying books with buying anime (once I'm in July). 

Hopefully there will be more meet ups in the future. They might not always entail so many books. But they'll be brilliant fun! 

Reviews will be back from Monday onwards. I can read a lot between now and then! 


Becky said...

I can honestly say that today was the most fun day I have had all year. It was so funny when someone would pick up a book and say "anyone read this?" and then someone else would say "[insert name here] has reviewed that". It was brilliant. Between us we had so much knowledge. I wish the day could have gone on forever.

I loved City of Bones et al and hope you find Jace as equally enchanting.

Nayuleska said...

I agree! This year has been mostly a good one, but today really made my week/month/year. From both a blogging and a writing side. If anything, I'm more enthusiastic about books than ever!

prophecygirl said...

It sounds like you had a great day, and you bought some amaaaazing books!

Cat Clarke said...

It was so much fun! I'm VERY impressed with your book-buying skills. Can't believe I only bought three!

Lynsey Newton said...

You know what girls, I think this was the best day of the year so far too!! And OMG I didn't realise you picked up THAT many books?! I think you win! LOL

Loved getting recommendations from everyone. As Cat said, we were like a YA Dream Team :D

Talli Roland said...

Sounds like an amazing time! Glad you had fun!

I Want To Read That said...

It was great to meet you yesterday and OMG yes! I think you did buy the most books:) Hope you enjoy them all:)

Sarah said...

It was so much fun meeting you all on Saturday!! I loved getting so many fab recommendations & I have to say I'm very impressed with myself that I managed to stick to my book buying ban (although that was more down to me running out of time than me not wanting to buy anything LOL). I'm very impressed with your book buying skills - you've got a great selection there & I'm looking forward to reading your reviews :o)

Can't wait for the next meet up!!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I think you definitely bought the most! I only got four! It was lovely to meet you on Saturday.

Lauren said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time, and I'm totally impressed by how many books you bought. I've read Midnighters and really liked it.

GMR said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Bookish talk and book buying...a great day indeed. Glad to see the Twilight series has captured your attention (*cough* finally *cough*), further persuasions shall be refrained from... ^_^
Several of the series you picked up have been on my radar for a while, just need to perfect this "make-time-now" formula and the world of reading (or at least the time I have to do it) is at my command! Muhahahaha! (Sorry, got carried away...anywho, happy reading!)