Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Why reviews are a little sparse due to a new arrival...

I am germ gremlin free! Hooray!

The reason it's a bit harder to read and review as regularly right now is because we have a new addition to our family.

On Sunday we picked up our new cat, Belle, from a rescue centre. 1 years old, she possibly had a car accident and ended up with broken leg, broken pelvis (needed pinning), abdomen wound. She's recovered from the operations...but fur needs to grow back, she needs to build up muscle etc. We also think from her behaviour here that she never belonged in a home. She likes to hide a lot, under the bed and on the stairs. If anyone goes near her, she gets really friendly, loves cuddles and having her tummy tickled. I've been spending a lot of time with her. I sat with her on the stairs, just with her on my lap, purring while I read. If I don't pay her enough attention she'll nudge the book to remind me to keep stroking her.

Sometimes she can be quite jumpy, and doesn't want to come and join us. So we go to her. Tonight I'd planned to cook pasta...I ended up grabbing something quick because when I popped upstairs to say hi (she was back in the bedroom), she decided to come and be friendly. So for a while she's going to need a lot of TLC which has me away from both book and computer.

Having had cats who we raised since they were kittens, it is quite different having a rescue cat. Thankfully I have had a little experience with a reluctant cat, and one who spooks easily. So it isn't entirely strange.

I was putting up a review tonight, but Nelle ventured in and chose me as her lap of the night. She's lying on one arm as well as my lap, so I'm finishing this now.


GMR said...

Aww...so cute! Definitely take some time to spend with the new addition, she needs it and will definitely return the favor with loads of new stories/memories to share. Congrat's on the new kitty and enjoy these days of firsts!

Yunaleska said...

She's just learnt how to play with a ball! She pounced on it. Im so proud of her I nearly cried. If she was a stray shes new at being in a home and doing normal house cat thngs.

Danyelle said...

*hugs* for your family and Belle. :D

Katherine Langrish said...

Poor kitty! Glad she has found such a good home. And I know just how bound up in the new arrival you must be... we got our new puppy three days ago! Pictures on http://steelthistles.blogspot.com

Yunaleska said...

Yay for new pets!

Today isn't a good day for Belle. She barely wanted to stay down at all. I'll be upstairs with her, reading. Unfortunately she's in a space where I can't easily have my laptop!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Awww - that's so cool that you got a rescue cat!

Alexia561 said...

That's so cool that you adopted a rescue cat! Belle needs you right now, so you're right to spend time with her.

Hate to tell you this though...cats are jealous of laptops! Mine will ignore me until I pull out the laptop, then she wants to snuggle and have her tummy rubbed. Doesn't matter if she's in another room, she somehow knows when I want to go online! *L*

Yunaleska said...

Alexia - oh tell me about it!

She'll come and start cleaning herself thoroughly, many times on my lap, making it a little tricky to type. She'll put her paws on the laptop so it teeters precariously towards my lap.

I wouldn't have it any other way :)