Thursday, 11 March 2010

Contest winner! being announced tomorrow.

Sorry - I meant to do it today. But we've had a few problems with our cat. It involved an emergency trip to the vet, in fear that she'd redamaged her previous broken bones.

Fear not, it is something easily fixed. Basically although she was neutered, either a bit got missed, or it was a vet who doesn't remove everything in the neutering process (which is popular in some countries). It means my poor cat is really hormonal. Not in pain, as I thought. Just got lots of hormones rushing around.

Until the rescue centre is contacted tomorrow by our lovely vet (who sweetly didn't charge us for consultation), and possibly for a few more days after that, we will have to put up with all the issues of a hormonal cat.

Until this morning I had been immune to the cries at night (ear plugs are truly wonderful). 3.45am wake up call isn't fun. Thankfully my boss let me leave work early.

All in all, I was too worried to think straight about what I was meant to do today. Looking forward to hopefully getting enough sleep tonight.

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