Monday, 1 February 2010

Where possible, I will take my laptop with me...

...being away for 48 hours without the internet means most of my blogging time is taken up catching up on emails.

I had the option of taking my laptop with me...but I opted not to. In the future, I shall always take a device with me so I can keep up. I ended up being busy this weekend doing other things, but I missed not keeping on top of blog reading, and writing up posts.

The good news (for some people): my reviews might be a little bit more detailed. As I read a book, I tend to turn over page corners if I want to remember something when I come to review the book. Naturally I hardly ever remember the point I thought of when I turned the page over. Thus the New Toy comes in. I've managed to acquire an I-touch - and it has revolutionised my reviewing. I bought an app for notes. Turns out I can type an awful lot, at a decent speed in the app.

While reading at the weekend, I had the I-touch beside me. Everytime I wanted to turn over a page corner, I jotted down my thought. 1 book later and I virtually have my entire review up. Minus entertaining typos and paragraph rearrangement. Cool! I can email the note to my email account...then I can put it on blogger. Yay!

So there may be more details, but this will benefit everyone. I won't forget anything when I write up a review!

Will post something tonight - hopefully a review and a meme :) Plus I need to update my TBR pile.


Danyelle said...

Yay, Yuna! Sounds like the Touch is great. My spouse creature wants one. :p Look forward to your reviews. :D

Traci said...

Hi Yuna! I don't have an iTouch either...I'm afraid that it will give me one more way to procrastinate, lol.

Yunaleska said...

I confess it is a great way to lose track of time - like with my other gaming...I managed to spend a good 4 hours playing a chocolate shop game (Get to sell chocolate throughout the year, 4 levels in one month and I've completed it! Need to try and get all the trophies now).

But its handy for me. I'm determined to find other review/writer features on it.