Saturday, 6 February 2010

Reviews forthcoming! And other exciting news.

Reviews should be posted in a few hours. They are virtually complete, just need to tweak a few sentences and get the usual pictures.

News - I've seen the image for the blog redesign! Due to the wonderful blogger gremlins, who enjoy making life tricky for us bloggers, the current template will be changed. It is similar to this design, but different in a few ways. These are beneficial improvements, especially because I'll actually have static pages to post info about me, review policy, ARC pile, competitions and a few other permanent posts that I currently can't think of.

My friendly web-friend is doing an awesome job, and I'll make sure that there's a party on the redesign launch day! (with prizes!).

That's pretty much it, reviewing should return to its normal 1 review a day tomorrow. Competitions for February are forthcoming to.

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