Thursday, 24 December 2009

Author Interview with Suzy Brownlee

Today's interview is with the author of the 'kooky-cool' detective series, The Littlest Detective published by Prospera Publishing. For a reminder of the book, check out my review for The Littlest Detective in London.

1) Where did the concept of The Littlest Detective come from?

I actually wanted to create an ongoing story my daughter Imogen would like, because at age 8 she couldn’t really find anything on the shelves that wasn’t fantasy or about fairies.

2) What are the reasons for picking Clemmie's adversary as a teenager? Natasha is a perfect antagonist - if only her henchmen were a bit more reliable she would be an even greater opponent.

The main reason was that there is almost 7 years between Imo and her sister Britta, and they fight all the time, so it was obviously an easy choice to make the characters around the same age. And yes, agreed, poor Natasha does suffer with Hench. I love the concept of henchmen in literature and film – who would want to risk their lives defending their employers against death for very little money in return? It’s nuts. So I took it a little further and made Natasha’s bodyguard someone who aspires to be a great henchman, but fails miserably.

3) Clemmie isn't entirely on her own in the book. Origami Pete is quite a character, more so because he underestimates Clemmie's intentions. How did his character get created? Will he feature in future books?

I wanted to create a character who could help Clemmy do the things a child simply cannot do on her own. Origami Pete will definitely feature in future books – in the third book he is the reason Clemmy ends up in Tokyo. Pete is my brother’s name and I chose a Japanese character because I adore Japan, would move to Tokyo in an instant and really admire the way the Japanese interact with and treat each other.

4) Every character has a particular catchphrase they like using. Clemmie's is kooky cool. What are the origins of this?

I wanted Clemmy to have a saying that wasn’t really hip but was hers and was relatively catchy nonetheless. So I came up with kooky cool.

5) What happens in a typical writing day for you?

Lots of coffee and laptop at the ready, and off I go at about 10 am. I must confess that like many writers I am a procrastinator, but once I get started I am fine.

6) Can you write through any distraction (music/children/fire alarm set off by burning toast etc) or do you need silence? What is your favourite writing snack/drink?

I need some noise but prefer it to come from strangers, so I tend to write in cafes a lot. Obviously coffee is the consumable of choice (skim wet cappuccino).

7) Aside from The Littlest Detective series, are there any other book ideas bubbling in your mind?

Always. I actually have a few adult fiction ideas, but unfortunately no time to write them, given the Littlest Detective novels due out (two next year, two the year after).

Many thanks for your interest in my novels, I really appreciate it.

All the best,


I'd like to thank Suzy for taking the time to answer my questions. Make sure you check out the Littlest Detective website which has all the news on future books. I'll be reviewing them all here, I promise!

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