Monday, 21 December 2009

Author Interview with Mary Naylus

Day 3 of author interviews has me asking questions of Mary Naylus, author of the time-travel novel, The Dresskeeper! (I confess to changing my name to Yunaleska in the answers, from my RL name).

1) Where did the concept of The Dresskeeper come from?

Hi Yunaleska. Well, The Dresskeeper was borne from my love of history and intrigue.
Once you start asking questions about the past there are so many fascinating
facts that make for great literature.

2) I love the idea that Picky can go back in time just by putting on a dress. Are the outfits in The Dresskeeper based on specific real life outfits?

Unfortunately not. It would be nice to own some, wouldn’t it? I had to research them after I picked the time period. I chose that particular time because 1685 London was relatively free of religious and political conflict.

3) At the end of The Dresskeeper, Picky gives Edwina the time travelling dress. If Picky found other dresses, the number of adventures she could have is endless. Might there be further tales with Picky and/or Edwina?

I was thinking about expanding Edwina’s tale but then I decided it might be more fun to bring Picky back, so she is making a return in my third book, but this time she finds herself (to her disgust) back in hot, ancient Egypt.

4) What happens in a typical writing day for you?

I love to research so I start by tinkering around on the internet and making sure I have everything I need to write about the time period I am focused on. I also spend a lot of time reading about the time period, so that when I create scenes and characters, it comes naturally and is realistic.

5) Can you write through any distraction (music/children/fire alarm set off by burning toast etc) or do you need silence? What is your favourite writing snack/drink?

I adore green and camomile teas, and need total silence to write properly, although as I enjoy writing in coffee shops I do have an ipod with classical music to drown out the noise.

6) Next year heralds the release of The Plaguemaker. Are you working on another novel at the moment? Can you divulge any details about it?

Well Yunaleska, as mentioned, it is about Picky, who is now 15 and is clowning around in the British Museum with (shock, horror) a boy, and they end up in Egypt via one of the glass-encased tombs. Picky is less than impressed that she is time-travelling again, and this time to somewhere even more uncomfortable than 17th century London!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all you and your readers and wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Kind regards

Mary Naylus

I hope you have a good holiday too! Check out information on Mary Naylus on her blog.

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