Saturday 8 June 2024

Nayu's Gaming Time #30 Disney Magical World Part A Nintendo 3DS


 Quick apologies for lack of posts recently, I'm close to having my 4 month delayed ketamine infusion so I'm feeling very ropey. Been focusing on surviving and hopefully soon I will feel a lot better. 

Not my image, this is on the main street with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Disney do have a not so new game on Nintendo Switch called Disney Dreamlight Valley which I've played over 120 hours on. However, I realised in the last event that I wasn't finding the game fun anymore. I was doing it to get the event items but that's the only time I played. So I dusted of my 3DS, and got back to Disney Magical World. It is...a magical world! There is like the main street and the castle, a cafe to run and so many quests to  perform and maybe 100 character cards to collect. I played the Japanese version of this nd the sequel, I got so far and started to get stuck so I began the play in English and, unsurprisingly, it's much easier to understand. 

Again not my image (would be a bit blurry) but it's inside the cafe with Daisy theme

 Diving back into it the other week I instantly began enjoying myself, unlike DDV.  Yes to et new clothes I will need to repeat some levels to get the items I need to buy them at Daisy's but I don't care. Replaying the RPG element levels is so much fun. Seeing all the characters I know well makes my heart happy. It will take a long time to complete every quest and collect all the character cards, but I know I'll be super happy doing it. Sure the sequel doesn't have Rapunzel like DDV does, but overall I see more point to playing DMW than DDV. And I want to play it, which makes a difference. 

Let me know if you've played both games, and if you enjoyed Disney Magical World!

Again not my image but getting character outfits is so fun for group photos!


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