Sunday 21 April 2024

Review: My Magic Land by Begona True (Children's, Picture book, Poetry, 9/10E)


May 2023, 31 pages, Paperback, Review Copy 

Book summary

From dancing plants and animals, to souring with friends through the skies upon clouds. From fishing on a bout that brings you the many potentials of your imagination, to the River of Laughter where a mysterious lady plays the piano with the drops of water from its cascade. And the magical crystal dimensions where anything can be created and where the main character creates an inseparable friend, her cat called "Yes".

Nayu's thoughts

What first appealed to me was Begona's soft and warm looking illustrations, simply looking at them makes me feel serene. I felt this was both a picture book and a poetry book, because there's a beautiful melodic feel to the words as imagination is explored, leading to fun characters and new places to explore. There is so much to look at on every image, from the full page illustrations to the smaller ones that fit alongside the prose. 

I can tell Begona had fun writing this, and is someone to whom boredom probably never exists with that vivid an imagination. It makes me feel like lazy summer days lying in the sunshine, or being cozy warm in winter as it drizzles with rain outside. This isn't a one-time read book, but one to return to when life is crazy and I need a break from the world. 

Suggested read

For more imaginative read check out The Art Garden by Penny Harrison and Penelope Pratley (Children's, Picture book 10E/10E) 



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