Sunday 24 March 2024

Review: Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Switch, platformer, 9/10E)


February 2021, Nintendo Switch, Platformer, Personal copy

Game summary from Nintendo

 From riding down river rapids, to skating across icy tundras, to even exploring a theme park built in the Koopa King’s own scaly image – excitement awaits around every corner, as you travel through the Sprixie Kingdom to save the princess and her followers from Bowser’s clutches!

Mario’s not going it alone – Luigi, Peach and Toad are ready to join in on the fun! Each character has their own unique abilities, so choose one to suit you.

 As an enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World, some brand new gameplay improvements have been made to spice up this adventure.

All characters have received a boost to their running speed and climb even higher after picking up a Super Bell, making platforming that little bit snappier. You can now also use gyro controls for certain sections of the game that previously required touch controls.

Nayu's thoughts

Technically this game includes DLC Bowser's Fury but I haven't been brave enough to try that part yet. I only just finished the base game of Super Mario 3D World and, since I could, I played the entire game as Princess Peach. This was much before I knew Princess Peach Showtime is launching tomorrow (22nd March) as I pre-scheduled this review. I felt this game was totally what I wanted in a Mario game. Super cute levels, with a lot of running around in a cute cat oufit. There is a decent mechanic of if you are not great at levels you can use an invincible icon at the start and breeze on through to the end. This did not prevent me from repeatedly falling at various jumps or acrobatics, but in the final levels especially it enabled me to complete the base game without having to repeat sections far too many times in ways that would make me cry. 

I love the vibrant vibe to this game, I only ever play handheld as I only have a Nintendo Switch Lite. It plays really well in my view, the music is upbeat and most of the levels are pretty coloured. I found a good amount of the collectables, maybe one day I will slowly try to collect them all. I know to get certain ones I will have to use other characters - even Mario - which will be a slight challenge for me, but I can mostly play as Princess Peach and will even give Toad a whirl as he looks cute in cat form. Mario never, EVER looks cute. Ever!!!! I really don't like him. 

The sole pic I could find on Nintendo's site of just Princess Peach (Rest were in multiplayer)

 I reached my goal of completing the base game before Princess Peach Showtime so I'm happy. I may dip in and out for collectables. I will try Bowser's Fury but I'm quite anxious that may prove too hard for me as it is supposed to be a harder level (and in a different format). I've played most of it which is what matters. I like the cloud areas and the way the lands connect to each other. It gives me happy feelings when I play, unlike some other Mario games that were too frustrating. May Nintendo make more cute Mario games like this which are slightly different to the norm and allow other characters to be the main focus! 

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