Sunday 26 February 2023

Nayu's News #256 Getting there slowly


Tiffany (French name), Sakura's best friend in Cardcaptor Sakura

It's a slightly sunny day, I can see some blue sky through my window, along with rain laden looking fluffy clouds too. I'd been putting off this post for a while, but well today it'll go up. It's an apology for the lack of content the past few months. I've had a lot of life stuff going on, and needed time to regroup here and with emails. I am slowly catching up with a few belated reviews, so those will be incoming. While the main issue is still ongoing that I can't talk about, the others are hopefully being sorted soon.

Well, I'm on new medication for one thing, which makes me super tired, more than I am normally and has me going to bed a lot earlier at the moment. I'm hoping that will improve over time, but been a few weeks and not really much change yet. Just going to do things as and when I can, so watch this space! Thank you to regulars who do check in from time to time, it is appreciated. I will get there, I just don't do so well when everything happens at once! Hopefully the rest of 2023 will go better than the first 2 months have. 

Sakura and Kero, Cardcaptor Sakura

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