Thursday, 6 May 2021

Review: The B on Your thumb by Colette Hiller and Tor Freeman (Children's, Poetry, Non-fiction, 10/10E)


 September 2020, Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 80 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Summary from Quarto Knows

The B on Your Thumb is a book of 60 hilariously illustrated rhymes and delightful ditties to boost early reading—each poem teaches a specific sound, spelling, or rule. Using rhythm and wordplay, they promote phonics awareness, thinking skills, and literacy. But most of all, this book delights young readers with the fun and silliness of the English language.

This is a book where words like to play,
where letters get cross when they don’t get their way.
There are sounds to make and jokes to uncover.
An owl in your bowl, for you to discover.
Meet the K on your knee, who’s ready for fun,
and don’t be alarmed by the B on your thumb!


Nayu's thoughts

This is a perfect read for anyone learning to read and spell in English. Each poem uses creative rhymes and rhythm to explain how various spellings exist in English, using the focus of the poem within it repeatedly. Each poem comes with funny and sometimes weird depending on what your definition of weird is, Sometimes it's a weird that for me personally goes into freaky let's not see this territory, but it's a styles that most readers will love. The pictures tie in closely with the poems, which even as someone who has learnt to read English reminded me of when I did focus on learning the language, and how illogical English can be compared to other languages.

At the back of the book there are seven thoroughly explained word games for the teacher/parent/guardian/family to use to help the targeted reader get even more from this book. It can be read alone but it also suits being read with someone more experienced of English who can help the learner understand the poems better.  There is also a separate teacher's guide available for purchase.

Find out more on Colette's website and Tor's website

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