Monday, 24 August 2020

Review: I Have a Hunch by Jeremy Decoursey (Children's, 9 years +, cosy mystery, 10/10E)

December 2019, Jeremy Decoursey, 296 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Book summary
Summer holidays are for relaxing, spending time with friends and listening to great music. All things that Alice desperately wanted to do. Instead she was sent to London to work with her Uncle Humphrey, a world famous private detective. Things start to get interesting when they’re employed to investigate the mysterious murder of millionaire, Victor Tymm. Together they start to gather clues  before they run out of time, and the killer can strike again.

Nayu's thoughts
Due to a slight hiccup my end this review is later than the blog tour which Jeremy kindly wrote a blog post for, which can be read here
I loved reluctanct Alice being dumped with her uncle, which was rather cool even if she wouldn't admit it. She got to experience first hand the unglamourous and dangerous side to being a detective. Her own actions meant that she manages to get her uncle publicly humiliated, which made an agonising read as her intentions were kind, the other person involved twisted everything more than her uncle's back is twisted into a hump. 
I constantly kept wondering if each character introduced was the murderer, and was proven utterly wrong in the assumptions I had, something I enjoy happening because the surprise adds to the fun of the book. I can quite easily see Alice having many more adventures with her uncle - that's if her mother ever lets her visit. Being almost drowned was one a downside of her city vacation. She was the reason her uncle was ridiculed and his reputation was questioned, she was also a massive player in bringing the murderer to justice. Certain scenes will never leave my memory, they include a giant fish who is far bigger than you can imagine, the previously mentioned drowning scene, and the room filled with dolls. I love nice dolls but not creepy dolls and not ones a killer was involved in. 

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