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A Gift From the Comfort Food Cafe by Debbie Johnson (Romance, Contemporary, 10E/10E)

October 2018, HarperCollins, 401 pages, Ebook, Review copy from NetGalley

Summary from HarperCollins
Christmas has never been Katie Seddon’s favourite time of year. Whilst everyone else shares memories of families coming together and festive number ones, the soundtrack to Katie’s childhood wasn’t quite so merry.

But since she moved to the village of Budbury on the gorgeous Dorset coast, Katie and her baby son have found a new family. A family who have been brought together by life’s unexpected roads and the healing magic of a slice of cake and a cupful of kindess at the Comfort Food Café
This year, Katie’s new friends are determined to give her a Christmas to remember, and with a gorgeous newcomer in town, Katie’s Christmas wish for a happy home for her son might just come true.

Nayu's thoughts
It has taken me a while to read this book because I already had some of the books in the series, so decided to read them all so I was all caught up on people and events at the charming cafe by the sea which heals hearts and builds castle strong friendships to all who enter its doors. It turns out I managed to read the last two books, including the one in this review, in the wrong order, but that didn't matter. 

It's the kind of series that you won't want to end - there's another book that's come out this year, alhough I haven't read it yet. Each book takes on a different character as the protagonist, leading me to learn more about their personality and lives that I'd often glimpsed at in previous books. I can't pick a favourite character because they are all fun! 

Cherie and Laura's meddling magic works it way on Katie who is understandably protective of her young son Saul, and sometimes reluctant to join in the craziness of the cafe community. She learns a big lesson of letting people into her life, taking chances in love which she has avoided for a while, but romance comes knocking and not even she can avoid it, any more than she can avoid the yummy food the cafe workers cook up for her. 

Saul is a cute boy, he has much fun with a cafe customer who has dementia and another one who is in her 9th decade, which gives Katie a break and a chance to figure out what she wants in life. She also has to deal with her parents, whose issues cause her to make a momentous life decision which puts much happiness in her future.

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Definitely sounds like a good read and I'm loving the cover art!