Monday, 3 December 2018

Nayu's Gaming Time #17 Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming!!!!!

The title explains most of what this post is about. I am really excited about Super Smash Bros Ultimate which comes out on Friday, but unless I can win a copy in the several competitions that I've entered, I'm not getting it until next year as it's not on my list of must get games. That list is reserved for  My Time At Portia (hopefully out next year), 
Cross between Stardew Valley (which I love), Animal Crossing, and DQB

Pokemon 2019: which if Pokemon Let's Go Eevee is anything to go by it'll be epic 
My girl is on the right! Graphics are stunning. Shame about motion control in docked mode, praying Nintendo change that because I want to play on the big screen with my weak hands!

and.... DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2! I need to make it clear that DBQ 2 is releasing in Japan this month, the rest of the world will be next year (date unknown, I think). Because I can understand some Japanese (especially hiragana & katakana which has a tendency to be in games, yay!) plus I have played and completed the first game, I have preordered the JP version on the Switch JP account which I have. The game is downloaded on my Switch! I just can't play it until release day, on 20th. 
However, the demo is due out on 6th! That gives me plenty of time to get used to some new mechanics, to become familiar with new vocab, and just to get excited about the main game. I only played the game this year, but it truly is one of my most favourite games of all time. It's not overly difficult, which means even when I'm tired I don't have to think hard, which I do for some games, making them playable but not all the time. 

Leaning Tower of Pisa is random, but you can swim up/down waterfalls!
 I'm excited for being able to create and go through waterfalls, to swim in the sea (not just die every time I step off the shallows). 
I wonder how I'll breathe underwater?

A classic element of JRPGS and anime in my view is the protagonist falling down somewhere
I'm excited about being a cute girl with bunches (twin ponytails), new clothes, new characters, new worlds to explore - I'm totally hyped for this game! Possibly a bit more than Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, just a tiny bit. It's that amazing!!! 
There are lots of new blocks to build with - we can make tree houses with the log bricks, which blend into each other so it looks like 1 long log rather than loads of teenytiny log pieces all in a row.

I will be chatting about Let's Go Eevee in a future post. I've got 3 badges and have played it for about 27 hours already. I tend to take my time in games, I love wondering about, and Pokemon is so cute! However DQB2 will hijack my Twitter feed for a while, just so you are warned ^u^ (I'm active on Twitter most days unless I'm feeling rough)

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