Thursday, 4 January 2018

Nayu's News #238 Gaming heaven & Other things

What's awaiting us in 2018?

This post has been a little too long since the last which was about my wonderful almost new PS4 in late October. Oopsie. Life has been it's usual self. A few of you may have noticed a recent post which went up accidentally: It was blank with a title including Poop which is the name of a book I'm reviewing soon. These days I tend to put filler posts in Blogger, so I know what I need to review next. I'd expected to be able to finish the post before it posted, but that didn't quite happen. That explains the sort of April fool weird post on 31st December! 
Got you! Heehee ^u^

This is one of my favourite Miku outfits!
I've mostly been gaming lately, as I've needed lots of rest due to the weather (& mega meds that put me out of action for a week). I'm not the kind of blogger to post what, if any, resolutions I've made this year, or talk about upcoming posts because I don't make a list of topics to talk about in a year. I simply chat about what I want to chat about! Gaming will continue to be a big feature for me, I've many exciting games that I'm enjoying, including Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone so you can expect more gaming posts. When I'm up for it I'll be working on my crochet projects, so you can expect posts about those. 
Because I can here is a not entirely happy (maybe just woken up?) Miku with a cute bunny!
As usual the place I updated almost daily is Twitter, I'm @Nayuleska so please do say hi if you're on there. I tweet a lot about gaming (not a surprise), my cat (also not a surprise)
"Yes, human?"
and other stuff too. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for me! Thank you for all your support, it's much appreciated and your comments here/on Twitter/in emails keeps me motivated to keep on posting as and when my not so brilliant body lets me!
Here's to a relaxing 2018!

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