Saturday, 27 January 2018

Nayu's Gaming Time #9 Pokemon mania including my first crystal Pokemon!

This is what a normal Mudkip looks like.
Recently including most of last week I've played a lot of Pokemon while I got over my mega strong meds. It's been a brilliant distraction from the evil side effects, with me being able to stand the numerous screen changes without wanting to stop playing (I'm looking at you, Animal Crossing!!!). I love it so much! 

It's the perfect game for me. I can explore without thinking I'll miss an event or somewhere I'm supposed to be as you get told where to go, and how long it takes you to get there doesn't matter (like in the Atelier series, which I love but can struggle with the time element). It's possibly aimed at children (I don't know if it originally was), so it's not super complex like Final Fantasy, it is mostly really light unlike Kingdom Hearts. I get to dress up in it, although it's taken a while in Pokemon Y which I'm currently focusing on. I get to farm berries, which I enjoy doing in games. I can level up for hours if I want, or simply get on with the story. 
Thanks to both catching Pikachu, and trading I've got Bulbasaur and Charmander, not Squirtle in

I've a bit of an idea how I hadn't tried it the 20 years it's been made over & over, but I can assure you I'll be playing it for the next 20 years and more! I'll post more in the future, but know that I'm in love with all the Pocket Monsters! Some give me the heebie geebies but most I find utterly adorable, even if they aren't obviously cute. Do you like Pokemon? Which are your favourites? Yes I love Pikachu but there are so many more and oh I have my first shiny Pokemon!
This came up in a google search, so not my gam play, but my Mudkip looked like this before it evolved - its pink! (& the sprite remains blue in the game which is only how I realised it was special)
Got the different coloured Mudkip from an online trade, and couldn't work out why it wasn't blue until I remembered about the uber rare crystal Pokemon. You can Google it, but basically they are different colours, and the possibility of catching one is so slim it's insane. I'm surprised someone gave it away in a simple trade, definitely very blessed to have it on my team as Mudkip can get to mega evolve, so I'm leveling it up as fast as I can.  And all the other cute ones. I am trying to go through the story, as I have some of the other games to play, so I can be a completionist later. I want 1 pokemon of each type with a high level, which I haven't yet got, so I'm working on that as I go along. If I can beat a trainer easily I know I'm at a high enough level. If I struggle, even when I switch Pokemon types, then I know it's time to level up. 

That's it for today's Pokemon talk - I've other posts to write and don't want to bore those of you who don't game. I think you can understand how much I love Pokemon right now! 
No idea who this cutie is, but love her hair!

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