Thursday, 14 December 2017

Nayu's Gaming Time #8 Pokemon is coming!

Got a family member addicted to this, and this post's title says what I'll be addicted to shortly!
So I've mostly been gaming since my body is hating the current cold spell and not wanting to do anything (minus energy reserves aren't fun). I've got family staying from Australia until the new year, and their family sent across their Nintendo 3DS as they missed not gaming. I'd lent my family's so they could play the Disney Magic Castle 2 which I gave them for a birthday present. Bear with me as I'm going somewhere with this. It was super sweet of their family to send it across just because they thought they may like it. It came with a Pokemon game...
You may recognise this version of Pikachu!

This one is newer-in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Pikachu has several outfits to dress up in!!! Super cute!!

...I've loved Pikachu forever, and a few of the other Pokemon, but for some weird reason never looked into the games. My visiting family suggested maybe it's because I saw the most popular Pokemon which are less cute and more fierce. Either way I'm now getting addicted to it. I've order both Pokemon Sun (not the newest one, Pokemon Ultra Sun) and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire to play on. I'll say more when I have more energy and when they arrive. Fun times ahead! 
I've now seen Despicable me and this is eve

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