Friday, 20 October 2017

Nayu's News #237 My new console is here!!!!

Isn't it gorgeous! Got the original with the light down the middle!!! My controler has a blue cover.

I honestly was going to do hints in a blog post about my new console, but the week ended up being busy, and my beautiful ps4 arrived Wednesday! 

It took about 1 hour to set up (the set up was easy, but of course it needed to update itself so I had to wait while it did that). I was out most of yesterday morning, but by the afternoon I'd tried out all 3 games Blue Reflection 
JRPG, it's like being in an anime! Life at a Japanese high school with an alternate dimension
This girl, Lime, does attacks with her teddy!!! So cool! (not got that far yet)
Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (Miku-chan!!!!!)
I love Miku!
With a unique system of separating songs (& fun way to get modules)

World of Final Fantasy 
New story with brother and sister as main characters, meeting a lot of previous FF characters and a load of new ones.

(mega cute, a real treat if you're a fan of the earlier games in the series (before FF12)  (so AWESOME!) and am thoroughly in love with it. 

My PS3 will still get lots of attention as I've got some games that need completeing and ones I enjoy replaying. This is a short for both blogs because today I'm downloading...

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone!!! 
Miku heaven! (Which doesn't have PD X songs, hence why I got both)

So many costumes!!!

This is the ultimate Miku game, with over 300 modules (outfits), 230+ songs (I doubt I'll ever get to/past hard level), no diva room (which I never really used). I've wanted this ever since I learnt about it, and it's the reason why I've bought a PS4. I only bought the PS3 for Final Fantasy games (although only like FF7-12. More on FF13 in another post), but obviously play more games than that. 

I will wax lyrical over the console and the games in another post because I need to get offline so the only internet usage is for Future Tone which may take 5 hours to download...Yeah. 5 hours. The internet isn't stable enough in my room so I'm using the main TV downstairs. Family are mostly offline this morning and most of the afternoon so I can safely let it upload at the fastest rate possible. So bye for now and will speak soon (hopefully Sunday). 
Bye for now!

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