Monday, 17 July 2017

One Ghost Too Many! by Gavin M Garza and Michael W Garza (Children's, 7 years +, 9/10E)

May 2017, Never Haven Press, 100 pages, Paperback, Review copy. 

Book summary
When Chase is dared to sleep over at the old Williams house, he stumbles into a haunting situation. The third grade is hard enough for him and his best friend Rosie and cousin Zach, but one night in a haunted house might be more than they can stand. The children discover a family secret that could free the entire town of Gum Springs from the Williams family curse forever. 

Nayu's thoughts 
There are few occasions when I'll read a ghost story because things spook me easily, but I received the opening chapter in my email which saved me from declining to review it just for being a ghost story. Rosie's spunk is awesome! I love how she is braver than her two male friends, how she is the one who gets them into what at first looks like supernatural trouble (it kind of is) but turns out to be a huge quest which is why this is book 1 of a series. 

The front cover is the spookiest picture you'll see-it creeped me out somewhat, and it seems the ghosts ate the title on the spine as nothing is there (slightly odd but I think I've a few other books like it.) 

The story gets rather scary despite being for younger readers so recommend this is read in daylight and not before bed if you are like me and scare easily. Nannie is a reassuring character to counterbalance the eerieness of her house. I'm sure the friends will have more adventures in it, and that they will see more action at the town fountain which was a lovely plot twist. Go check it out! 

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Suggested read
For older readers a story with ghosts in and a fun heroine is The Secret at Haney Field by R M Clark + Author Interview (Children’s, 9 years +, 9/10E)

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