Saturday, 1 July 2017

Nayu's Gaming Time #6 From RPG to Rhythm games

My love for Yuna in Final Fantasy X & X2 lead to my online name being created! Here she is about to start the ceremony for those who died in Sin's attack.
Today's post is all about gaming! When I first started gaming I was initially a platform gamer girl: think Super Mario, Sonic, and Rayman. I liked a few driving games too. This changed when I was introduced to Final Fantasy 7, a series which I adore (only #7-12. Before they are too long winded #13 onwards is a bit dark, gritty, and I have yet to complete them), thus sending me into a good decade of Role Playing Game heaven. 
Fanart of a chocobo (big yellow bird) & a moogle, who are present in all Final Fantasy games that I've played with distinct style and sounds. I love them both!!!
Probably 18 months ago, or whenever I first discovered Aikatsu anime I became interested in rhythm games. These are games where you press buttons/tap on the screen in time with the markers on screen. Last year I was able to get a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, which meant I could play the games of the characters I adore, namely Aikatsu and Hatsune Miku. I can play a song any time, making it an easier genre to play in short bursts (or longer ones) unlike RPGs where you usually need at least an hour free if you can't constantly save your progress. 
Example of Aikatsu My Number 1 Stage - there's an arcade game like this too for the Aikatsu STars (the newest title in the franchise, and also Love Live SIF but sadly these are only in Japan/Indonesia)
Those of you following me on Twitter know how obsessed I am with Love Live School Idol Festival game. This is the game for the anime about 9 girls who become school idols who sing and dance to save their school from closure, and do a whole load more. There are lots of catching songs, and the characters are highly entertaining. I love the show a lot, so imagine my delight when I could play a rhythm game version of it! The downside was that my devices were too old/crammed with audiobooks to be able to play it. 

Sample screen of LLSIF song
For a while I borrowed my family's device on a daily basis, but this wasn't always convenient for them, so when someone upgraded their Fruit device I got their old one and voila, I was able to play LLSIF any time I liked! Which is every single day unless I'm not well enough for it. I strongly dislike Fruit devices, as they are not user friendly in my experience, but I'm grateful to be able to play LLSIIF so I do make an exception. It's awesome listening to the songs, getting pretty cards, and generally having fun. When LP runs out/I want a break I hop on over to Aikatsu and Miku's songs, which are equally bubbly with more pretty outfits. 
My Animal Crossing New Leaf House last July, shortly after I started it.
I love gaming!!! Pusheen says it best when she describes her kind of weekend. I'm mostly definitely a Rhythm Game gamer now, with some RPG gaming too - yikes I missed out a category! Life simulation games like Animal Crossing and Disney Magic Castle also feature fairly heavily in my gaming life - both are awesome! I'll be doing more posts about these and other games, so stayed tuned! Let me know what games you enjoy ^o^

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