Friday, 9 June 2017

Nayu's News #233 Cat company, reading and gaming lots!

Nyan!!! (Japanese word for mew)
First off hi if you've come over from my craft blog, Nayu's Crochet Dreams. When I do catch up posts I try to alternate where I post the original, and which blog I direct people to from the other blog. There is sense in that sentence somewhere...

My baby girl! (not a baby, but definitely a girl with Attitude!
The last few days I've seen a lot of my cat - I haven't been well and my cat often stays with me until I'm better. I'm on the mend from Wednesday afternoon's completely random & horrid being ill episode (sort of like flu but for a few hours only - my body is known to be weird), managed to tackle all emails today and hope to do some blog work in a few days. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and I've family over on Sunday so nothing will happen before Tuesday (Monday will be a rest day).

I switch to audiobooks when I'm tired.
I've been reading quite a bit lately, and almost finished all my review books! Since I'm reviewing less these days that's not as big of an achievement as it sounds, but it's nice to be on top o things. 

As usual if you want updates on how I'm doing I'm most active on Twitter under the name Nayuleska (with the @ in front of it). Those of you who follow me know I'm making steady progress on my current crochet project (I'm so used to speaking about it on Twitter I almost automatically adding a hashtag to the word crochet just now!) I don't know how big it will be, depends when I run out of yarn. It won't be huge, so more of a baby/lap blanket size. I love the colours and it's rather soft to the touch. 

Who could this be? Hint: it's a certain vocaloid I love...
Gaming wise I've been playing a lot of Love Live School Idol Festival - all updates are pretty much on hold until Ramadan is over as my focus in the day is less on how gorgeous the cards are and more on listening to the Quran/appropriate audibooks while I play with the sound on the game off (none of the songs are appropriate for Ramadan) & cute pop ups during the game turned off. I've yet to see any cute pictures where artists have given the girls hijab (headscarfs) & more modest clothing, like this one of Hatsune Miku which is so cute! Miku's on hiatus until after Ramadan (songs definitely not appropriate!) too. However, there are quite a few Aikatsu songs I can listen to, not that I have gamed much on it. Animal Crossing New Leaf has featured a lot in my gaming time - little beats shaking trees for fruit to be sold! 

There will be a Ramadan post next week (albeit copy and paste from previous years...), and several book reviews too. Thank you for being patient with my lack of posts - have a super weekend! 
No donuts for me but there will be cheesecake!!

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