Friday, 4 December 2015

Nayu's News #204 Part 2 Microsoft Windows Japanese anime mascots!

Some of the earlier Windows mascots!
2 weeks ago I unleased Part 1 of Microsoft Windows Japanese anime mascots upon you, since I'd discovered in Japan they use cute anime mascots to promote technological products! I looked at Windows 10/8/7. Well today it's time to look at the rest of the Windows girls! 

Windows Vista Japanese mascot
Nameless, as far as I can tell
 Most of the Windows Vista's girls weren't appropriate for showing here.There seemed to be several, and I couldn't find a name. I do like the blues used for the above girl, and her hair's cool! 

Windows XP Japanese mascot
One version of Windows XP girl is called Homeka (not this one)

I love her Mary Jane shoes and the windows 'window' logo which is used.
I love her style appropriate hairclips!
 Windows XP mascot seems to vary, with no known name that I could find. I like the simpler outfit in the last picture, as well as the shoes and use of Windows hair clips the rest.

Windows 2000 Japanese mascot
Yet again not really a name for this girl.

As with all the Windows mascots, windows 2000 girl has the usual blue clothes and hair. I like her cat like ears which make her look adorable!

Windows 98 Japanese mascots
Twin mascots!
Yet again no names but the 98 mascots are a pair of girls, possibly the predecessor for Windows 8 twins Ai & Yu! I think it's nice that they didn't always stick to one girl. They have the standard Windows hair clips with school uniform type clothes.

Windows 95 Japanese mascot
Looks like she's going into battle! Maybe it's a virus to fight off...
Simpler design here
Quite a different look for her!
Yummy! I love Japanese sweets!
 In keeping with other early Windows mascots, Windows 95 doesn't have a name. However, she is refreshing: the 4 main Windows colours are used for her hair decoration (rather than the type of Windows being hair clips). She's in traditional Japanese kimono, which isn't blue! It's pink! With some blue bits, but, mostly not blue, which is in contrast the commonly used blue clothes. Maybe they'll think of a non-blue character in the future!

Windows 3.1(1) Japanese mascot 
I love the gothic lolita style outfit this girl has, and how she is in purple rather than blue!
Originally I couldn't find an appropriate picture, but I spotted one in the group shot at the top of this post, in which she is called Windows 3.11 (yes, another without a name), then I managed to find a few cute ones for you! 

Windows ME Japanese mascot 
No hair clips!
In searching for Windows 3.1(1) mascot I came across Windows ME mascot. I'm not sure what system ME is, but the girl is super cute with mega long braids. Green looks good on her!
That's it for the Windows mascots, but it's not the end of my post series. Watch out for the final post which looks at Internet Explorer, Firefox and other software mascots!

Remember you can check out part 1 here!

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