Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Nayu's News #179 Affiliate program - your opinion please!

Time to chat about a topic I'm looking for your view on.
 This post is a first of its kind. Until now I haven't had any advertising on my blog, because ads annoy me. However, due to a tweak of my life plan with wanting to be a writer and crochet artist (I love saying that!), namely creating my own business Nayu's Crochet Dreams and focusing on making it my career (& being a writer), I'm starting to think about ways I could earn some money online. I don't want random ads with products I hardly use because I only want to endorse items that I enjoy and use. I'm considering becoming an Audible affiliate. 

Like this moment in the anime AKB0048 I'm a bit nervous about my choice of affiliation
I appreciate that there are some of you who aren't as fond of Amazon as I am. I hope that should I choose to become an Audible affiliate you don't hold that against me. I will understand if you have to stop following me, as I'm a strong believer in standing by what you believe in - I myself am anti-Nestle, have been since I was at uni and continue to try avoiding their products. 
You could be seeing the Audible logo similar to this one here on Nayu's Crochet Dreams
However, I do hope that you understand why I am looking to being receiving revenue for my blogging, which I adore. For me it makes sense to consider Audible affiliation because I adore audiobooks. They are brilliant if I'm gaming, or if I'm too tired to read but can zone out with crochet and listen to fun stories. I've uncovered a love of Amish fiction, such as the Kauffman Bakery by Amy Clipston I genuinely think audiobooks are another way of spreading the book love. 
Audiobook addict & proud!
I seem to naturally mention Audible when I chat about audiobooks, simply because that's where I get mine from. Their monthly membership plans are value for money. I'm on the £7.99 plan where I get a credit a month. This is brilliant value when you consider many of the audiobooks I've purchased cost over £15, some going in to the £30s. For more info please check out their website. This is for Audible UK but there is US site, and possibly other countries too. I'm currently not an affiliate and I'm not benefiting in any way from mentioning them in this post.

I'm interested in finding out what you think about me using Audible affiliation on my blog. Feel free to comment on this post, or, if you'd rather stay anonymous then do contact me using the blog form on the right hand menu. I know one friend who did affiliation for a time, and it wasn't too intrusive on her blog. 
Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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