Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dizzy Miss Lizzie by R. M. Clark (Children’s, 11 years +, 10E/10E, semi short 'n' sweet review)

22nd November 2014 (although it's out now!), Writers Amuse Me Publishing, Ebook Review copy 

Themes: friendship, time travel, ghosts, mysteries

Content: humour, suspense, 

Book Summary
Thirteen-year-old Kasey Madrid finally has the freedom she's always wanted. Instead of putting up with sitters or camps, she can spend the summer alone in their 'new' house. Never mind that the house is a creepy old place built in the nineteenth century. The creep factor skyrockets when Kasey meets a nineteenth-century girl named Lizzie Bellows in the basement. It takes some time for Lizzie to convince Kasey she's not a ghost, though neither girl understands why they can see each other when they live 120 years apart. 

The differences in their worlds don't stop the two from becoming fast friends. Lizzie's life isn't easy, though. In her time, her parents died in a fire many believe Lizzie started herself. As the summer passes and Kasey learns more about her own past, she is shocked to discover Lizzie is part of a terrible Madrid family secret. It's up to Kasey to go back to Lizzie's world to unlock the secret and clear Lizzie's name. 

Nayu's thoughts
Having thoroughly enjoyed some of R. M. Clark's books (see suggested read) there was no hesitation in saying yes to reading this historical adventure. From the beginning I suspected that it was a keeper on my virtual bookshelf, and it is! I loved watching Kasey respond to the freedom that her parents give her - she doesn't go wild, although she does blur the edges around the rules, which have a few plot twists that made me stare at the book in surprise. Hint: Kasey's grandmother isn't all that she seems! That's all I'll say about that. 

I thought that the way Kasey at first hid and then revealed what was going on to her best friend was realistic, funny and well written. As for Lizzie - it gets fairly spooky, so much so I would have put the book down if I hadn't have been completely hooked on it. The way time flowed between Lizzie's world and Kasey's world was cleverly explained, and made sense. The strong elements of mystery and Kasey's likable personality make this a must read! I promise it's not overly scary, and you'll be wanting book 2 right now, like me!

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Suggested read 
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