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Nayu's News #144: Why I'm like Sophie from the anime PriPara

This pic has little to do with today's post, but isn't the dragon adorable???!!
Anyone noticed I've quit calling it PuriPara? I still pronounce it like that, as that's the correct way, but that way I remember the spelling for when I need to search for PuriPara pictures. (Ha! Used my spelling there!)

Sophie at a PriPara concert
Some of you may have noticed I haven't been on Twitter a lot, or put up posts this weekends. The reason for that is linked to the reason why I adore Sophie from PriPara, and why I'm a bit like her. Those living almost anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere knows temperatures are starting to fall, a sign that Winter is on its way. Unfortunately for me my body really hates winter. It cranks up the pain & discomfort, which can make me a tad crabby as I need to rest more, and write/blog less. Not something I like doing but it has to be done. 
Being good can suck.
I do try and look on the positive side, that watching anime is a completely legitimate daily activity as it helps me rest in a fun way. Plus it's often really cute graphics wise! 
Many anime have a lot of humour - the Spice & Wolf's heroine Holo has a greed for most food, especially apples which is never fails to make me smile
Why am I like Sophie? Well, I've recently learnt in the series that her health isn't fabulous. Ever since she was little she suffers from lack of energy, and her sisters helps take care of her. Her manager calls it Fancy Mode and does his rabbit best to hide it. 
Sophie's manager is totally un-cute.
I love Sophie in Fancy mode.
Sophie shocked when Lala pulls back her fringe in Fancy Mode - Lala doesn't hate her, as Sophie's been led to believe. Lala thinks she is beautiful.
She flakes out, has little to zero physical energy, and almost the same amount of mental energy. 
Sophie in Fancy mode while in costume for a concert.
Everything is a huge effort - which is pretty much me when my body goes on strike. Thinking straight becomes a great achievement. That's why I'm like Sophie. 

I'm like Mizuki in Aikatsu because when she collapses at a show it gets revealed that watching the legendary duo Masquerade, who have disbanded, perks her up. 
Mizuki feels better after rest & watching Masquerade perform
That particular episode was cool because Masquerade return to give Mizuki a bit of time to recover before her performance, so she gets to meet those who she looks up to (most people look up to Mizuki). 
This is what Mizuki sees when she first wakes from collapsing. Masquerade are actually the headmistress (which everyone knows) & Ichigo's mother (no-one knows that until part way through the series).

Watching anime - and currently idol/music based anime - cheers me up no end when I'm not feeling brilliant, a little like the transformation Sophie in PriPara undergoes when she eats a pickled plum.
First Sophie goes into her Fancy mode aka so tired I can't function

Sophie gets given a pickled plum

Kazing! Sophie reacts to eating pickled plum
Sophie is back to the vibrant side that her fans know
Unfortunately I don't get the same physical energy boost, but being happy is half the battle. 
Being happy is fun! & not something to be taken for granted.

So I'll do what I can blog wise, but there are going to be some days when I don't put a post up. I know that's ok as those of you who have been stopping by for a while are used to that. At least watching lots of anime helps give Muse inspiration, which is very good for when I can work on my novel!
Rest & fun is essential for life!

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