Sunday, 17 July 2022

The Pancake Champ by Joanna Nadin and Ana Gomez (Children's, 5 years +, 10E/10E)


 June 2022, Bloomsbury Young Readers, Paperback, 32 pages, Review copy

Summary from Bloomsbury

 Manjit is going to his new friend Leon's house for tea. There's lots to be worried about… What if they have a scary dog? What if Leon's dad is a dragon? But worst of all, what if they're having pancakes for tea!

Nayu's thoughts

Without reading the summary I thought the title might refer to the protagonist, Manjit, but it also is a title Manjit's new friend gives his father. Manjit is highly relatable because at first he doesn't have a special friend at school, something which can take time. When he does find Leon they do everything together and have the best time, until Manjit is invited over. Manjit has a lot of anxiety about who will be there, what dinner will be like as he hates peas and his mum's pancakes too. I really like how his mother tried to reassure him, giving him an option how to refuse food if he truly didn't want to eat it. Manjit discovers there are different types of pancakes - I prefer the thick ones his mother makes but Manjit, under Leon's dad's supervision, creates his own thin and crispy pancake.

He is allowed to put whatever topping he wants on his pancakes and happily eats some quite gross ones. The illustraations are bright and cheerful, I liked the pea soup which was also a meal Manjit dreaded. Plus the cats were adorable!!! It is a really good book for those who suffer with anxiety over getting a new friend then visiting a friend. There are pointers on what to keep an eye on in the story for the adult supervising the reading, as well as questions to ask afterwards which is useful. Manjit is also a pancake champ because he discovers ones he likes that that there are more toppings than just lemon!

Suggested read

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