Friday, 5 November 2021

Refocus Band by La Cle

Refocus band with "speak kindly to yourself"

The last eighteen months have been hard ones for everyone across the globe, and the focus on mental health during the tough times has been a prominent feature alongside social distancing and trying to avoid contact with people. La Cle's Focus bands are a brilliant idea  that existed prior to the pandemic, but are extremely helpful in their own right. The concept is that the colourful bands are worn without anyone else knowing they are not simply decorative. La Cle themselves show what to do on a business card sized card in the band packet:

The idea is whenever a negative thought crosses our mind we simply flip over the colourful band and see the message on the other side. There are a wide range of messages. I recieved one for free in exchange for a review with the message 'everything will be ok' but it got lost, so I rebought it because it is an important message. 


When I went to purchase it, new customers get 1 refocus band for free, so I decided to buy 2 more to add to my collection. So the first band was received free of charge in exchange for a review, with more purchased because they are inspiring. There is an option to create your own bands, but it requires ordering in large quantities so is more for large events.


You can see the band arrives in a simple plastic pouch with instructions on how to use it. The bands are extremely stretchy so should fit most wrists. There are over 70 phrases to choose from, which makes picking only a few extremely hard. I chose mine partly on their message, but also I love the confetti type pattern on one  of them. The others I'm not 100% keen on the pattern so I keep them with the message side flipped over all the time to save me flipping them over. As someone with mental health issues including depression and anxiety I can say they do not cure the conditions but are a really good reminder when not thinking straight that life will be ok eventually. Especially in the early months of the pandemic I really needed to hear everything will be ok in the end, which is something I do believe in.

message reads 'you are one of a kind'

I kept 2 in their packets so I could take photos for this review, you can see that the refocus band I have worn constantly is slightly looser and mishapen. That's what happens with constant wear: yes it can be worn in the shower, it can also go through the washing machine although I'm not 100% sure if they are supposed to be washed, it sometimes gets caught up in my laundry and is possibly how the first band went missing. All I know is that when I lost it I missed not having it. 


At around £8 each the bands are good value as the quality of the product is high, and the impact of the bands may vary between individuals but it serves as a good reminder of key phrases when someone is in a panic and not necessarily thinking straight. Be sure to check out the range which is available in the US and the UK through La Cle's website. Apologies as I could not work out how to add a correct accent in this blog post.

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