Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Natural History Museum: Sticker Art Ocean by Craig and Karl (Children's, Activity book, Sticker book, 8/10E)

July 2017, Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 24 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Summary from Quarto 
Create your own colourful ocean animal portraits with this new National History Museum sticker series that's perfect for young animal enthusiasts! Featuring eight sticker by number portraits of sea animals and packed with fun facts to learn as you sticker, this arty activity book provides hours of fun for little ones. With large stickers perfect for little hands and a straightforward sticker by number design, kids will enjoy creating stylish, vibrant portraits of ocean animals in their natural habitat.

Nayu's thoughts
I was super excited to get stuck into this aquatic sticker book because I've done many in the past and thoroughly enjoyed putting the individual stickers in the right place. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed-the sticker shapes you see on the cover arent individual stickers, but big stickers totalling 6-12 depending on the animal. I hadn't read the summary properly when I requested it - I saw the word stickers and said yes. The cover does seem to indicate it could be tiny stickers. This definitely wouldn;t take hours to complete, not even for a child. 

Here's the completed starfish
However, it keeps the high rating because the instructions on how to do the stickers are clear and easy to follow, plus there is a load of information on the opposite side of the creature, with a few facts I didn't know. My favourites were the starfish because it is not as innocent as it looks and the dolphin because it's a dolphin! When I was little I didn't realise they had teeth (the dolphin - somehow I knew the starfish ate things).
Here's the dolphin ready to have stickers put on.

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