Sunday, 27 August 2017

Dinosaur Detective's Search-and-Find Rescue Mission by Sophie Guerrive (Children's, Activity book, 8/10E)

3rd August 2017, Wide Eyed Editions, 32 pages, Hardback, Review copy 

Summary from Quarto 
Jump aboard the red aeroplane with Dinosaur Detective and travel the world in search of lost animals. From the jungle to the stormy sea to outer space, test your spotting skills in this puzzle-packed tour of a dozen different destinations.

Nayu's thoughts
I absolutely love this kind of book: it reminds me of when I was a child and had most of the Where's Wally books. I'd spend hours pouring over them! I didn't spend hours on this book as the colour scheme isn't my favourite and, unfortunately, there were a lot of wiggly creatures which I'm afraid of. That's the only reason why this doesn't get full marks. 

I liked how there was a good balance of human and non-human creatures to find in the highly detailed pictures. Like those of my childhood this book got my imagination going about how everyone lived in the scenes showed. There is 1 main goal on a double page spread, with a couple of other things to find-don't worry, there is an answer page at the back! 

At the end the characters that were helped previously have additional requests to go back and look for-my favourite for this was the princess who had a sandwich stolen!  My favourite scene is the dinosaur detective's home. There is so much to it, with lots of rooms on the multistory building, full of interesting furniture (and a few creature friends) with the detective needing to be found having some well deserved rest. Definitely hours of fun to be had in this adventure book! 

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