Monday, 23 January 2017

Nayu's Gaming Time #3 Animal Crossing New Leaf fun!

Sorry for fuzzy pic, unsure whether it's because I used my tablet camera or that taking pics from games is hard...if you have the answer please let me know!
Moving on to happier things I'm having a blast gaming lately. Cold weather = I feel bleh = I need quiet but distracting activities, hence gaming. In Animal Crossing New Leaf the snow covered trees are starting to become green again (at least I think the green vanished when the snow properly arrived. I've been chasing a lot of snowflakes to give to the snowmummy in exchance for Frozen-esque furniture, but I don't think I've got a bed yet. The snow lasts until February 13th so I've still got time to fulfil that dream. I've got pretty much every other piece of the awesome set 
The predominant other set in this pic besides the ice set is the sweet set.
When I have more time (possibly this week if I can become less addicted to the Hatsune Miku games & the Disney Magical Castle games) I'm going to be rearranging furniture in my 4 houses - yes I have 4 characters for myself simply to store my insanely large in-game wardrobe and furniture. Will be creating themed rooms! I've slowly expanded my other 3 houses (My main one is maxed out both in room quantity and size) a little so I've got a bit more space to put everything. I tend to do Animal Crossing when I'm feeling particularly rough as it's simple enough not to require much thought, and this below freezing weather doesn't suit me at all. 
I recently got this super cute dress which works nicely with my character's light blonde hair and funky boots. I haven't enough time to show you anything else, but I hope you like this snippet from my gaming life! 

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