Friday, 21 October 2016

Nayu's News #226 Back to normal

I'm happy like Eli from the anime & game Love Live!
After spending most of the week gaming & resting while I got over my mega strong meds, I am almost back to what counts as normality for me. I've managed to answer urgent emails (the rest can wait until the weekend), done a little blogging, and, more importantly, have done something to help reduce the amount of online work I do. I've joined...

...Hootsuite! Okay so I joined a while back, but I sat down and added my blogs (this one & Nayu's Crochet Dreams) to the app so whenever I put up a post it should automatically post across my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I've tried out sending a message to all social media accounts within the app and it works like a charm. This will seriously save me having to manually go to each page, add the text & find the people. It doesn't backdate post scheduling, so over this weekend I hope to get caught up manually with previous posts, and also get new posts out. 
What will I read today?
I'm still catching up with reading so that it will be 1 arc review a week, so don't be surprised to see a whole load of posts come up next week, it's called me catching up with reviews. Today I'm not doing a full morning's blog work as it's my first day back and I don't want to push my body too hard. After this post I've got a few errands to do locally then it's a quiet afternoon with reading, anime, and hopefully a bit of writing later.I'll definitely be gaming! Whatever you're up to this Friday I hope you have a good one! 
It feels like Winter now!

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