Monday 15 February 2016

What are YOU reading? #303

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


Image result for Going Coastal by Jane DiLucchio

Going Coastal by Jane DiLucchio
Cozy mystery, Contemporary fiction
(This was an unexpected gem of a cozy mystery which was more awesome than I expected.)

Image result for Karma's A Killer by Tracy Weber

Karma's A Killer by Tracy Weber
Cozy mystery
(A mystery with a hilarious best friend!)

Image result for Jivin Tango by Connie L. Smith

Jivin Tango by Connie L. Smith
Young Adult
 (A dance themed read...)

Image result for From Bad to Wurst by Maddy Hunter

From Bad to Wurst by Maddy Hunter
Cozy Mystery
(Eager to read the previous 9 stories in this hilarious travel holiday mystery!)

Image result for Twisted Reflections by Shay West

Twisted Reflections by Shay West
Young Adult
(Despite not liking how Alex behaves it's a captivating time travel read!)

Image result for Yetunde Ode to My Mother by Segilola Salami

Yetunde Ode to My Mother by Segilola Salami
Children's, 5 years +
(A touching story about motherhood...)

 Image result for Being Equal Doesn't Mean Being the Same by Joanna L. Krotz

Being Equal Doesn't Mean Being the Same by Joanna L. Krotz
(A look at women taking hold of their careers and excelling...)


 Image result for Sparkled by Gina LaManna

Sparkled by Gina LaManna
Cozy mystery
FINISHED -  9/10E 
(Hilarious 2nd read in a mafia series, with strong and frequent adult language/situations...)

Image result for Winx Butterflix album

Winx Butterflix album
English version
(This week's top song was 'Tynix'!)

Image result for Aikatsu music videos caramelize

Aikatsu music videos
Japanese version
(Kokone's Caramalise song has hit my most listened to list...)


Image result for Aikatsu:  Season 4, Episode 170

Aikatsu:  Season 4, Episode 170
Music idol anime, Japanese version
(Seen this week's new episode which saw Akari mature in her singing -I needed tissues! And I almost want her to become Starlight Queen more than Sumire...)

Image result for Winx season 5

Winx:  Season 5
Magical Girl anime, French version
(The choices the girls make are tough but it's for the good of the magical dimension!)

Image result for pretty rhythm rainbow live ann and wakana

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
Music Idol anime, Japanese version
(Watched Wakana and Ann battle it out at a competition...)

Image result for Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori
Slice of Life anime, Japanese version
(I wish this was longer than 12 or 13 episodes; the girls are getting used to each other and I love how much fun they have at each other's house!)

Image result for Girls Und Panzer

Girls Und Panzer
Slice of Life + Military anime, English version
(As it's been a while since I saw the first few eps I'm rewatching them; it's a fun series! I'm watching the English version as there are heaps of military terms which make reading subs more brain work than I have at the end of the day...)

Image result for Hidamari Sketch

Hidamari Sketch
Art +Slice of life anime, Japanese version
(A wonderfully sweet episode where one of the girls is ill and the others take care of her...)

Image result for Once Upon A Time belle

Once Upon A Time
Fantasy drama, English version
(It's amazing how many hints for stories in season 4 are made in season 1. I'm at the start of season 2 so am enjoying seeing Belle again!)

 Image result for Elemental Gelade ren

Elemental Gelade
Fantasy/Sci-fi anime, Japanese version
(I heart Ren!! I love all the times she is sleepy and tired, as she looks extra cute!)

 Image result for Aikatsu star anis

Aikatsu:  Season 1
Music Idol anime, Japanese version
(The 3 trios have joined to form Star Anis, and are having heaps of fun with their concert tour!)

Image result for Clannad

Paranormal anime, English version
(I love how cute this anime is, which heavily balances the serious issues covered...)

Craft and more
Once again I've been busy in the kitchen creating 2 types of lemon meringue truffle, a slice version ...

...and round versions without the biscuit base...

I've made great progress with my current crochet blanket project- on the 3rd block of pattern!

Gaming I've been having fun with Winx Fairy School - I'm a level 6 fairy now! In the process of rearranging my dorm room-yes I have a thing for beds...

A friend has got me addicted to a cute animal collection game, Mini Pets by MiniClip, it's way easier than other similar games to get both money and Gems....

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