Friday, 9 October 2015

Nayu's News #201 My Muse is in the Mood!

For some reason my Muse frequently acts like Holo in the anime Spice and Wolf: in this case stroppy.
No, my Muse isn't in that kind of mood. She sure can sulk and grumble, but the mood she's in today is more like this: 
Holo again! Looking mega mega happy ^o^
Over the past week in particular Muse is on fire. 
Holo on fire with enthusiasm!
 By working hard on resting more with anime, watching anime music videos, and other stuff I think being more relaxed is having a positive effect on my Muse. She is writing much more. She is more vocal about when she wants to write too. 
While she can pester me to write with words, she only has to look like Holo does here and I'm such a sucker for Muse looking cute. Naturally as I writer I've already lost the plot so yes I can see my Muse!
She's demanded to write as soon as I wake up early, and right before I go to bed. Wherever possible I agree and let Muse play. It's fun! I'm almost half-way through my novel, and I'm aiming to finish this round of edits by the end of the month. It's doable, as now until the end of my wip (work in progress) is more together than the first part which needed complete rewriting. That's not to say it's perfect, far from it. 

I've got a lot of rephrasing to do, and some word finding. I've been finding and extremely useful when I want to check what a word means (sometimes what I think it means isn't what it means) or find a more suitable word to a word I know. 

I Muse figured out what she I was doing wrong. There have been a few parts where Muse knew the writing wasn't quite right, but I couldn't figure out precisely what the issue was. I had a yay! moment the other night - I've been headhopping, switching my point of view to the wrong character, which competely changes the dynamic of the story. Issue identified, I'm now able to solve it and that particular paragraph is heaps better - another yay moment! 
Holo in a yay! moment!

I'm loving my current life as part-time author, part-time crochet artist!
Isn't Madoka from Aikatsu cute!!!

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