Sunday, 12 October 2014

Jet Black Heart by Teresa Flavin (Young Adult, Reading Age 8, Dyslexia Friendly, 10/10E)

August 2014, Barrington Stoke, 72 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Themes: ghosts, historical items, time travel, holidays, family, unrequited love

Content: mega creepy parts, mild teen romance, 

Summary from Barrington Stoke
Dory is on holiday on the moors with her family when she stumbles across a Victorian walkers’ ‘letterbox’ and a faded message for a boy called Eli. The message opens a slip in time and soon Dory is battling alongside Eli to help save his sister from her cruel father. But is there more to Eli - and his gift of a Victorian heart pendant - than meets the eye?

Nayu's thoughts
Rest assured thanks to Twitter Teresa knows my thoughts on this book. It is brilliant! But extremely creepy. It's not one I could read in the dark, or on my own. If you get freaked out easily by the supernatural stay away! It's great if you love time travel, with key objects used throughout the story to do the travelling. There's family drama too of being on holiday together, and teen desires to avoid younger siblings & parents. 

Like Dory I thought the pendant on the front cover was beautiful. I wanted one until certain facts were revealed to me. I couldn't look at it in the same way at all! *shivers* The creepiest part is when a big plot is revealed near the end. After that I was terrified for Dory, because it was all down to her to save the day, and she was battling not only a scary ghost from the past but the forces of nature too. 

I love Barrington Stoke books because they tailored for those who may struggle with reading. I like the off-white page colour, which is sometimes easier for me to read (got to love choosing it as an option on my e-reader), and how much is packed into the story despite it being fairly short compared to the books I usually read. 

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Suggested read
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