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Nayu's News #117 My Weekly & Daily Power Up!

My power up gives me mental energy to get through each day
 As ever all pictures are from internet searches, all view are my own and are not meant to insult anyone. 

Now, the original title for this was My Weekly Magical Girl Power Up! I then realised it was a little misleading, as it might imply that every week I watch magical girl anime for a power up. Which I don't always, especially if for whatever reason I don't watch Winx for 7 days. Although I'm looking to change that back to daily watching ^o^
Be it the fun of the first season where Bloom first learns she's a fairy and is initially magically inept...
...or the latest season 6 episodes where Bloom is adept at using magic, I've missed seeing Stella & the other Winx.

The second reason I changed the title is because I actually didn't want to offend anyone with what the magical girl refers to (more to follow in a sentence or two). I kind of don't want to be judged on this, as it's the way I view the world, the way I live happily. 
I love all things cute & frilly with ribbons!

I like some frilly gothic styles too!

I've probably got you a little confused as to what on earth I'm talking about! Basically, it struck me yesterday after watching a new mega cute magical girl anime, Jewel Pet Tinkle
Told you it was cute!
In episode 3 or 4 (can't remember which) the characters talk about a magical power up. That was when I had the lightbulb moment. 
I think I'm having an idea!

Ever since last Ramadan which involved tying camels and being like a bird (the links explain my crazy seeming ramblings), pretty much every week on a Friday I've been listening to/and or reading when I have enough energy which isn't nearly often enough for my liking to Chapter 19 in the Quran, called The Cave. 
This says it all!

Muslims are encouraged to read it every Friday (which starts from sunset on Thursday) to gain blessings for the week ahead. You'd think reading the same verse over and over would get dull, but it doesn't, not one bit. I don't know it off by heart (give me another few years...), I know the stories but somehow every time I focus on one particular aspect of it which gives me food for thought for a while. 
Ideally the Quran should be recited, but if you are low on energy like me that can be tiring. Listening is an easy way of reading - besides, the oral tradition is how the Quran was first learnt!
It then dawned on me that, including all the evidence I've seen about the benefits of reading Surah 19 Al Kahf (Chapter 19 The Cave), it's my weekly power up! The reason I say that is the benefits are more than just blessings. God forgives our sins for an entire week! Some sources saying 7 days plus 3 more, which is 10 days, but only God knows best. The most beautiful thing of all is that the Prophet Muhammed, (peace and blessings be upon him) said something like ' Whoever reads Surah Al-Kahf on the day of Jumuah, will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the next.” Light can be involved in pretty magical girl power ups. I don't see a light shining from me once I've read The Cave (yes part of me is disappointed) but I think it's a metaphorical light. It is genuinely refreshing to read it and gain blessings from it. It's a warm fuzzy feeling which descends whenever I read/listen to Quran. 
Sometimes I think of the light starting like this little heart, deep within us which grows and spread wherever we go
This is so true! I want to see you sparkle!

Now, my daily power up involves watching a fun cute anime, be it Aikatsu, 
I love Ichigo's enthusiasm!
Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, 
It's so much fun - although a lot of deep issues explored too
 or any of the dozens other anime I love watching. I do a few set religious themed prayers/thoughts each day for mini-power ups too. 
Thoughts sometimes lead to prayers

Power ups can be done by anyone. If you are religious, there may already be a ritual for a day/time of day which you know about and perform. If you aren't sure of what you can do, do a bit of research as you'll be bound to find something fun that will fit in whatever time you have available. 
God always listens

If you aren't religious - and that is absolutely fine since no one should be forced to believe in what they don't want to - then perhaps you can find an ideal or way of thinking that you can relate to. See if you can find quotes to ponder on, that will help lift you up each day/week. 
Just sitting and thinking by a river when you're out and about is one option

Take time out at any time of day or night. Most likely you won't be a magical girl hovering above a town...
Getting out in nature can be thought provoking
Sporty types take a moment every now and then to focus on their goals
Staring at the moon is always an option - much safer than staring at the sun which you MUST NOT DO.

I'm pretty sure God has a sense of humour (He did Create me!), and likes my tongue in cheek original title My Magical Girl Weekly Power Up! I know for sure that whenever I read The Cave each week I'll be laughing away as I think about this post, and how I got inspiration on how to explain what this weekly ritual means for me. 

I'd love to hear about your Power Ups! Please do share them either in the comments or by email if you don't want them to be made public. The idea is to embrace God or whatever you believe in/value which brings peace to your heart
Thanks for reading this post! Bye for now.

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Unknown said...

I love this blog post! Meditation is my daily power up. I do it every morning and it really sets me up for the rest of the day. Thank you for sharing this :) x